Your idea developed into a high-quality metal product that is suitable for use in the toughest conditions? Our experienced team of professionals is at your full disposal.

DHM-VOS construction on a truck


DHM-VOS has many years of experience manufacturing products for the maritime and offshore sector that must meet the most stringent quality requirements. We are happy to share this knowledge to help you realise custom-made steel, stainless steel or aluminium products.

You can contact us for fittings, flanges and pipes, but also hydraulic tanks and other voluminous constructions.

We can process plates from 1 to 300 mm and pipe diameters from DN 6 to DN 1000. Over the years we have gained experience with all kinds of materials, including ferrous, non-ferrous and other exotic materials such as heat or wear-resistant materials.

Tube diameters DN 6-DN 1000


Fork lift


Lifting capacity


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