DHM-VOS is a full-service metalworking company characterised by fast service and quality, from design to production.

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Innovation and trust

DHM-VOS is a young, dynamic and versatile metalworking company that has its origins in the region of Dordrecht. The company is a merger of the fresh and innovative DHM Industrial and the trusted and well-known Machinefabriek Vos.

We are an open and accessible company with space for everyone. Our current team consists of approximately 30 professionals. We believe that fun and un and structure should go hand in hand. After all, satisfied employees make for satisfied customers.

What makes us unique is a broad range of machinery, an in-house welding department and a wealth of knowledge and experience. We can make practically everything in-house. Therefore we can offer you the highest quality with extremely short lead times.

Our company is located on the banks of the Merwede in Sliedrecht and we have our own mooring location. This makes us an interesting partner for the maritime and offshore sector.

We build it!

We build the world!
Imagine if it weren’t there, metal…

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Productive hours


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Training and courses



We want to be open and accessible for both our employees and customers. We believe it is important to provide a complete solution. By contributing to the engineering process from the very beginning, we can create the perfect product for your application. We are open to all your questions and technical challenges. There are no wrong questions. We are happy to share our knowledge.


It is expected that in the future there will be more emphasis on repairs and overhaul and less on complete replacement of machines. At DHM-VOS we are responding to this by continuously extending our machinery and training our employees as broadly as possible. This way we can serve our customers even better and faster.