Certified welding in accordance with NEN 15614-1 of all kinds of materials and with an eye for quality in the region of Dordrecht. Our team of experienced welders is available for all your certified welding work, both on location and in our workshop.

A DHM employee welding a construction


Welding is an art and requires specific knowledge of materials. We have extensive experience in welding ferrous and non-ferrous materials, high-alloy materials and exotic materials.

The quality of a weld determines the lifespan of a product. We know better than anyone how important this is in the maritime and offshore sector. That is why we have our own in-house welding coordinator and only work with certified and skilled welders. To ensure the highest quality, all our welds are extensively tested.

Depending on your application, we carry out various pressure tests or welding tests such as magnetic tests, ultrasonic tests, penetrant tests, radiographic tests or non-destructive tests.

We only work with welding procedures according to NEN 15614-1 and welders who are certified according to NEN-9601-1.

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Welding non-ferro

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