Quality and Reliability

Quality characterised by craftmanship. At DHM-VOS we believe that quality is a process of continuous improvement. Knowledge gained in previous projects is applied in new projects to deliver even better products.

Quality assurance at DHM-VOS:

  • Certified welders and welding procedures
  • 4-eyes principle in office and workshop
  • Periodic equipment calibration and inspection
  • Quality management system according to ISO 9001
  • Contact with the customer when in doubt

Origin / Traceability

The origin of materials is an important criteria for assessing the quality of a product. Our products are often used in the toughest conditions. To guarantee the safest possible operation and a long lifespan, we only use high-quality materials of which the origin is known and fully traceable.

Certifications and quality marks

We provide certified products and services for metalworking. With extensive experience in the offshore and maritime sector, we can work with various quality marks and standards as per request of the customer.

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